How Get Rid of Acne Using Natural Home Remedies

A lot has been written on how to get rid of acne over the years. Coming up with a treatment for acne can be done in no longer than a week by using merely a few simple home remedies. These treatments are inexpensive as compared to over the counter products and can be prepared easily with no risk of harmful side-effects. But before starting any of these treatments one should be sure that his/her skin is not intensely responsive to natural ingredients like eggs, papaya, lemon, garlic, aloe vera etc.
  1. There are ready-made natural products available such as oils, pastes or juices in the market, but you can prepare them at home to ensure more effectiveness. Various ingredients can be used to make pastes. Some of most popular elements used in pastes are:
    1. Pomegranate Skin (dried and powdered) with lime juice
    2. Water with radish seeds
    3. Turmeric (Curcuma long/domestica) powder
    4. Cinnamon and honey powder
    5. Sandal Wood Water
    6. Orange Skin
    7. Fresh Greek-Clover
    Pastes made from these ingredients are applied on the cleansed affected area and kept there for  20-30 minutes or all night. After it is dried, the skin is washed with slightly temperate water. These pastes are effective for almost all type of acne problems e.g. whiteheads and pimples to skin allergies.
  2. Another natural ingredient used to cure skin problems is lime juice. It is blended with any of these elements to form a mixture:
    1. Boiled Milk
    2. Water
    3. Cinnamon Powder
    4. Drumstick Pods
    5. Groundnut Oil
    This mixture is applied on the cleansed skin and retained there for half an hour. After it is slightly dried, wash it rinse the skin with warm water. It has found to be extremely effective in clearing the skin from pimples, blackheads, cracks and whiteheads.
  3. Substances like garlic, orange skin, raw papaya juice and mint juice can be used directly on the affected area to get rid of pimples quickly. Dermatologists recommend mint juice to cure eczema, insect stings and most importantly to stop breakouts.
  4. Volatile oils (also known as essential oils) have proven to be very effective methods for relieving acne. Mix a few drops of the oils with hot water in a bowl. Cover your face with a fabric, commonly a towel, and bring it close (at least 8 inches away) to the steaming bowl with your eyes closed, and keep it there until the water comes to room temperature. Now softly rub your face with the fabric and use and apply a toner to unblock the pores and poise the pH of the skin.
Natural ways for how to get rid of acne are generally as effective as most of its chemical counterparts.  In many cases all of the items you need you may already have in your pantry closet or your refrigerator already so you won’t really have to spend a lot of money buying acne products either.  Natural acne treatments are a win win when you really think about it.

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