Does Drinking Water Help Acne people would commonly ask, “Does drinking water help acne?” The answer would be yes. We are always reminded by our parents before to always drink plenty of water per day. I know it may sound a bit cliché but it is true. Water is a good regimen not only to cure mild acne but also prevent it. And now you are wondering why. Just continue reading.
Facts About Water
Water is very important in a meal especially on our diet. It gives us bonuses like weight loss if we drink water frequently.

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It keeps our body hydrated if you drink water all the time. It also helps in reducing our blood pressure. Not only that, it flushes away toxins that can harm our body. Acne basically is caused by certain imbalances of our hormones. Also, it is caused by toxins that circulate our body. With the help of water, water removes the toxins by the process of elimination. And our body do have different elimination process. It can be through urinating or sweating or even defecating. My point in here is that water aids in flushing the toxins away from our body, thus, preventing further acne outbreaks and as well as help in getting rid of it. Remember, the cleaner the blood or systems, the healthier your skin gets.
Benefits of drinking water
Below are the advantages of drinking water:
  • Prevent acne breakout
  • Improves the elasticity of your skin
  • Hydrates your skin as well as the systems in your body
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Can provide little energy
  • Assist in thermoregulation of the body
  • Prevents blood from getting viscous
The very basic thing for you to do is to increase your water intake. Drink as much water as you can everyday to replenish the lost fluids as well as to prevent and get rid of acne. Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day and make sure your glass is not small. Some might use a cup but it is not enough. Use a glass so that you could drink 1 litre or more of water per day.
Other creative ways to increase you water intake if you are fed up with plain water:
There are times when we feel we don’t want to drink plain water. There are times we want to drink other fluids. I have a solution for you. These are concoctions that are mainly natural, replenish your body’s fluids and can help you get rid of acne might as well. The following are ways to make your water more exciting to drink:
  • Mix your water with lemon or lime to have a twist
  • Drink tea but make sure it is decaffeinated to prevent losing more water.
  • You can also add a little amount of honey after you added lemon or lime.
  • You can also mix fruit puree on you water. Just make sure you only add less puree.
  • Wherever you go, bring water with you and drink as often as you can.
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Avoiding drinking water can make your blood viscous which can make the blood flow sluggish. Such sluggish flow can result to different system problems like cardiovascular and circulatory system. It can also be a good environment for acne growth.
Does Drinking water help acne? Yes, it does get rid of acne. Just remember that our system mostly contains water. Our body needs water to have a nice and smooth flow of blood, cleanses blood, maintain the elasticity as well as the integrity of our integumentary system or our skin. Water washes away toxins that can produce acne. So when you are being attacked by acne, drink water and your acne will be gone in no time.

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