Simple Tips to Cure your Acne - naturally

Acne can be one of those frustrating and embarassing things that most teens will deal with at some point in there growing years and it often can be difficult to rid if the proper care and protection is not taken. Try some of these steps to fight off your acne scars naturally
1. Wash your face at least two times daily. Keeping your pores clean of any oil or dirt will allow your face to clear at a much faster rate.

2. Apply a honey mask at least once a week. Honey is full of antibacterial properties that can aid your body in fighting off your acne.

3. Eat lots of carrot or take vitamin A

4. Avoid wearing large amounts of make-up

5. Keep your sheets and pillow cases clean.

6. Drink Plenty of water daily. Your body has a natural filtration system and it needs plenty of water to detox the body.
Following any of the steps above can help you in decreasing or maybe even rid your body and face of acne all together.

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