Homemade Acne Treatment

Especially in times of financial difficulties, more and more are turning to home options, cheaper options, choices ultimately free, even if we can find, and you can not really blame us? Unless you're swimming in money, and even if you're not a bad idea to save money wherever you can. However, many people find a cure against acne at home is really a viable option. After all, why not use something you already have in their kitchen cupboards, why spend hundreds of dollars talking ultimately about products they are testing when you could get something better for less?
There are many treatments for acne that are homemade. Some are ridiculous, and some have more meaning. But then, you can find some of the cheapest and most efficient in terms of options I found a good home treatment acne.
Homemade Acne Treatment

1. Salt scrubs are extremely popular and, frankly, think about it. How do they actually pay for a huge bottle of salt? Some prefer to use the larger crystals of sea salt. But many find the table salt to be as effective. Fundamentally speaking, the salt, as it exfoliates, removing dead skin cells that may be clogging the pores, while also helping to control the production of excess oil and even disinfecting the skin to some extent.
2. Sodium bicarbonate, baking soda sometimes seems so harmless. It is used in almost all recipes of cooking. But why use it as a home treatment for acne? Because it's easy and it works. Simply mix baking soda with water to form the mask on the right. Apply a small amount of this mixture on face and let dry. We speak effectively strip bacteria while tightening pores for a clean and fresh.
3. Lemons are rich in vitamins and minerals, lemons are also full of powerful antioxidants. Lemon juice, and is one of acne treatments most effective at home. I mean, lemon juice, not soda, acts as an astringent, antibacterial, antifungal and other purposes. Usually, it smells good and works effectively even talk to give your skin a certain glow.
4. Pineapple Pineapple is actually very effective in supplementing your skin with vitamins and minerals, which kills bacteria, and improve the general condition of the skin with powerful antioxidants. It spreads easily through the face and wash easily. The only problem is that sometimes it can dry the skin. It is therefore important to use a good moisturizer with this option

 5. Drink more water Finally, treatment cheapest and most basic acne at home is to drink more water. Water is essential to life, and when you drink more water, is the ouster of his body and skin. So drinking more water, even the base 8 cups a day, you'll be able to eliminate much of your acne and generally improve the overall condition of your skin.
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