Can Vitamin E Really Help Fade Acne Scars naturally?

It is long been known that Vitamin E is great for many different problems including acne scars.  However, is this belief based on fact, or just a common myth that continues to be perpetuated?  There are still schools of thought on both sides of fence, and it is important to understand why there is not yet a consensus.  It time to take a look at whether or not Vitamin E can really help you to fade your acne scars naturally.

Vitamin E Can Help Fade Acne Scars naturally

Many dermatologists still recommend vitamin E to help reduce the scarring associated with acne.  Dr. Joel Studin states that topical  vitamin E is helpful because it reduces the strength of the three strands that produce collagen, which often hardens and creates the scars.  He claims that vitamin E makes the scar softer and more pliable, which will help scars fade away over time.  This collagen normally forms when the skin suffers an injury, such as a pimple.  The skin then produces scar tissue, from collagen, to protect the wound.
It has also been suggested that ingesting vitamin E is also effective at fading acne scars naturally , because it helps the body naturally repair itself.  This is because high levels of vitamin E help the body speed up the natural process of healing wounds.  It is normally recommended to consume 30 IU’s or international units per day, although the body can tolerate up to 1,500 IU’s of vitamin E at any given time.

Vitamin E Cannot Help Fade Acne Scars naturally

New research has found that using vitamin E as a topical cream may actually slow down the bodies natural healing process.  A study at the University of Miami found that 90% of all cases that used vitamin E showed no improvement after 12 weeks.  It also showed that almost 30% of the test participants were allergic to vitamin E when used topically.

Opponents of this study claim that there were several problems relating to how the test was conducted.  First, the test was only conducted on 15 participants, which may be too small of a sample size to generate results that can be generalized to an entire population.  It has also been argued that the length of the study, 12 weeks, is too short to determine the overall effectiveness of vitamin E as a topical cream.

While there has been no direct studies proving that ingesting vitamin E is ineffective.  However, it is important to note that vitamin E is a “team player”.  In order for it to be absorbed into your body, you must have a diet that has high levels of vitamin E, because it is fat-soluble.  It is also important to note that increased levels of vitamin E will not necessarily help acne scars because it could be being used by your body in other areas.

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While the research is not definitive for either side, there are two conclusions that can be drawn from their arguments.  The first, and most important, is that ingesting vitamin E can only help your body.  Even if it does not directly reduce your acne scars naturally , it can definitely aid your body and its natural healing processes.  The second conclusion is that vitamin E used topically, should be not be used alone, but rather in addition to other acne scar treatments.


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