Acne Scar Removal In Teens

As many teens enter highschool, they begin to go through puberty and experience acne breakouts.  While some are fortunate enough to have few if any acne, others can get more.  Scarring is common if the acne is treated with roughness and proper care is not administered.

While acne does affect approximately 90% of teenagers, only a small majority of those affected are left with blemishes. However, individuals left with scars normally search for acne scar removal methods that work to remove or diminish the scars. Fortunately, there are many options available for acne scar removal.

Acne scar removal may be by derma-brasion. This is a process in which the top layers of the skin are taken off through the use of a machine that generally abrades the skin. Although derma-brasion does give your skin a smoother appearance, it is not one hundred percent effective for acne scar removal.

Chemical peels are another choice for acne scar removal. This performs similar as derma-brasion, but instead of machinery, chemicals are applied to take off the top layer of skin. Again, this is not 100% effective for acne scar removal, but it does give your skin a smoother appearance.

One more way for acne scar removal is collagen injections. Collagen injections usually are used to cure aging signs, scars, and lines. Injections can be expensive, and will need to be repeated on a regular basis. This is another treatment that doesn’t actually eliminate the acne scars. It simply just conceals them.

A drastic removing process is Autologous Fat Transfer. This is a process where fat is removed from other areas of your body, and injected back into your skin. It doesn’t remove scars. Rather, it replenishes depressions, like those that are characteristic of acne scars. Yet again, this is a radical acne scar treatment, and the process will need to be repeated as the fat is absorbed into the body.

Another drastic removal technique is punch grafts. This is a method where minute skin grafts are taken and used to change scarred skin. This procedure is often used to remove deep acne scars.

The modern – and seemingly most effective – technique is Laser Skin Resurfacing. This is a process where the acne scarred skin is gently vaporized, through the use of a laser. Once the affected skin is vaporized, the fresh – unscarred – skin under is visible. Local anesthesia is offered for small regions, but for full face acne scar removal, the person is usually sedated with anesthesia administered by an I.V by an anesthesiologist.

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How to Remove Acne Scars naturally
As you can see, there are a variety of acne scar removal techniques that can be used so it is not hopeless.  With care, acne scars no longer have to be a blemish on your skin and treatment exists for those willing to put forth the effort.

Homemade Acne Treatment

Especially in times of financial difficulties, more and more are turning to home options, cheaper options, choices ultimately free, even if we can find, and you can not really blame us? Unless you're swimming in money, and even if you're not a bad idea to save money wherever you can. However, many people find a cure against acne at home is really a viable option. After all, why not use something you already have in their kitchen cupboards, why spend hundreds of dollars talking ultimately about products they are testing when you could get something better for less?
There are many treatments for acne that are homemade. Some are ridiculous, and some have more meaning. But then, you can find some of the cheapest and most efficient in terms of options I found a good home treatment acne.
Homemade Acne Treatment

1. Salt scrubs are extremely popular and, frankly, think about it. How do they actually pay for a huge bottle of salt? Some prefer to use the larger crystals of sea salt. But many find the table salt to be as effective. Fundamentally speaking, the salt, as it exfoliates, removing dead skin cells that may be clogging the pores, while also helping to control the production of excess oil and even disinfecting the skin to some extent.
2. Sodium bicarbonate, baking soda sometimes seems so harmless. It is used in almost all recipes of cooking. But why use it as a home treatment for acne? Because it's easy and it works. Simply mix baking soda with water to form the mask on the right. Apply a small amount of this mixture on face and let dry. We speak effectively strip bacteria while tightening pores for a clean and fresh.
3. Lemons are rich in vitamins and minerals, lemons are also full of powerful antioxidants. Lemon juice, and is one of acne treatments most effective at home. I mean, lemon juice, not soda, acts as an astringent, antibacterial, antifungal and other purposes. Usually, it smells good and works effectively even talk to give your skin a certain glow.
4. Pineapple Pineapple is actually very effective in supplementing your skin with vitamins and minerals, which kills bacteria, and improve the general condition of the skin with powerful antioxidants. It spreads easily through the face and wash easily. The only problem is that sometimes it can dry the skin. It is therefore important to use a good moisturizer with this option

 5. Drink more water Finally, treatment cheapest and most basic acne at home is to drink more water. Water is essential to life, and when you drink more water, is the ouster of his body and skin. So drinking more water, even the base 8 cups a day, you'll be able to eliminate much of your acne and generally improve the overall condition of your skin.
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How To Get Rid of Acne and Acne Scars

Certainly there is greater level of aspects that produces acne. It generally shapes because of the existence of uncommon cellular material within the follicles of hair of the epidermis. Hormone asymmetry, bad eating routines, excessive burden or maybe tension, in addition to deficiency of nutrient ingestion would be the reason which unfortunately largely leads to pimples to take place.

1.Hormonal abnormality refers to it the reason behind   pimples. This can generally takes place throughout the age of puberty, some phase from where the human body starts build androgen. If your lifeless tissue seems to be together with your oil-like compound known as natural oils, any pores might be attacked by means of microorganisms which often result in irritation of the epidermis.

2. Bad Eating Habits- foods and nutrients also provide involvement in your acne’s progression. Refined food may result in hormonal imbalance which ends up in order to acne. Which means that, a good diet within your ways of eating to obtain an improvement about how to get rid of acne?

3. Very much stress or maybe stress- reports as well demonstrate that acne’s structure has been because of tension as well as strain. Anxiety might cause adrenaline glands to form greater than its own regular amount, Linked to result in hormonal imbalance which in turn brings about pimples development on the epidermis.

4.Too little Nutritional Intake- if your overall body program is deficient in natural vitamins, one’s defense mechanisms may also decline as well helping to make individuals at risk of quite a few illnesses. Configuration regarding pimples can happen in the event you be short of zinc, Supplements E, B, A, along with C.
acne 2 How To Get Rid of Acne and Acne Scars

Ways to get rid of acne scars

First of all, would likely take directly into someone’s mind on the way to eliminate acne breakouts can be the prices. Not every individual understand that the best reply regarding how to remove acne cases are to consider alterations in their own life-style. Begin the change similar to keeping your pillow case cool as well as away from germs. Experiencing your clean may also perform the job concerning how to get rid of zits, yet it’s inadequate. Here are a couple straightforward methods on the way to eliminate acne:

• Swap your pillow case more regularly. Based on the severity of acne, you have to make positive changes to course-plotting while trading your own pillowcase so that you will be successful on how to do away with pimples.

• One other way on how to get rid of acne breakouts can be to stop choosing. In this event you haven’t washed both hands; usually do not feel that person because it’ll just make the situation worse. Shop around as an alternative or keep the arms occupied.

• Exercising on a regular basis may also help one to concerning how to do away with zits. You don’t to consider any health club class or perhaps get fitness programs. Do exercises at home approximately 30 minutes a day. Exercise no less than thrice every week.

• Having a day-to-day skin-care regimen can be yet another way regarding how to eliminate zits with your encounter as well as physique. Rinse the face frequently with all the proper solution.
We have a choice facing scarred tissues: health-related breach or perhaps homemade remedies? Reduce costs is more expensive though really trustworthy.

How to Remove Acne Scars naturally

• Amongst health care ideas regarding dealing with the issue involving acne scar removal one of the most common can be abrasion. This procedure necessitates the eliminating top of the covering on the epidermis by means of an abrading tool. Lifeless cells are slowly removed along with acne scarring and brand-new skin color building will be cleaner and healthy.

• You also can sign up for punch excision to take out scarred tissues. Within this method the actual scar is removed developing a punch. The procedure furthermore consists of suturing your marks. The full course of action will need approximately a week or even a lot more, after that the particular sutures will probably be eliminated. Often abrasion is designed following punch removal in the event that acne scar removal is far too heavy.

• Laser surgery is a well known way to get rid of marks also. The region of equivalent impacted with scarred tissues will be shed by using laser light. Brand-new covering associated with epidermis creating is significantly better much less acne damaged.

• Chemical ripping strategy to get rid of scar problems can also be offered. It demands natural substances (glycol or even salicylic or lactic acidifies) which are accustomed to do away with epidermis within acne breakouts scar tissue. This sort of treatment methods are the top for anyone in whose first standards associated with therapy is painlessness.

All of the over methods are offered in treatment centers with the help of skin medical doctors and cosmetologists. These techniques vary in time nevertheless as a rule don’t acquire more than two or three months.

When you’ve made up your mind to remove acne scarring utilizing natural remedies, these facts are for you personally:

1.  Drink a lot more h2o! H2o will be the method to obtain life, drinking water is essential for your body. It is really an excellent hydra-tor and provides beautiful cleaning result! A few cosmetologists and also patients promise consuming much drinking water will help you to eliminate acne scars fast along with once and for all. Whenever you’re living thing can be replenished with water adequate, it’s healthier than, as well as your skin seems better too! Dead skin cells tissue will go away faster. Brand-new pores and skin expands faster at the same time and looks much more beautiful and also easy in case your body is replenished with water with h2o.

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2.  Make positive changes to diet: Increase the fruit and veggies. Fruit and veggies offer a great deal of vitamins and minerals on your physique, which ends up in the skin’s look. Consuming a lot fruit and veggies can restore the actual gleam and suppleness of your skin.

3.  Consume freshly squeezed lemon juice: besides their usefulness in made up of nutritional vitamins, lemon juice contains citric acid effective in healing of acne scarring.

4.  Use almond acrylic around the scarring: This particular treatment is for you in case your scarred tissues tend to be regarding irregular Mother Nature. Every time they visit your lumps much less prominent plus your epidermis easier. Follow this kind of all-natural do-it-yourself solution twice daily to secure an outcome.

5.  Create a face mask from your fresh tomato: Tomato can be full of vitamin a and it has anti-oxidizing features, same goes with efficient at reviving pores and skin along with removing scarred tissues.

Treating Acne Scars Naturally

Acne scars can have a major effect on the way you see yourself. They can influence self-esteem and destroy confidence. A number of the treatment methods to choose from are very extreme. Cosmetic surgery and laser treatment procedures are often used to correct this scarring. Nonetheless, they are as high priced as they are radical. Prior to paying for these methods, consider some all natural acne scar treatment options.
The application of lemon juice to fade scars as well as other skin problems is not an old wives’ tale. The acid in the lemon will lighten and even fade some scarring. It’s vital to utilize an actual lemon. Employing packaged lemon juice just isn’t the same. It has often been treated and has other ingredients in it that can be detrimental. Squeeze out a bit of juice from a fresh lemon. Employ a cotton swab to apply it to the scars. Allow it to soak into your skin for about ten minutes before rinsing.

How to Remove Acne Scars naturally
Dry skin can make scars stand out. It’s vital to help your skin repair itself. Olive oil and almond oil are a couple of alternatives. These will moisturize and help create a more even skin tone. There are additionally essential oils that could be included for more of an impact. Sandalwood and lavender are known to help soothe and promote healing. Lavender oil is often used for an acne remedy, and will act as a scarring preventative. Carefully massage either olive or almond oil into the impacted area. A few drops of lavender or sandalwood can be added as well.

Skin that’s inflamed will oftentimes have obvious acne scars. Reducing this inflammation can also aid in the treatment of these scars. There are two ways to soothe skin in this manner. One preferred method is by using cucumbers. These are recognized for minimizing inflammation. They can be sliced and then set on the affected areas. Rest for ten to twenty minutes prior to removing them. The second option would be to use ice. That is an immediate way to soothe skin that is irritated. It additionally shrinks skin pores.

Egg whites are also known to enhance skin by reducing scars. Separate the yokes, and use a cotton ball to apply the egg whites to the scars. They might be left on overnight to help your skin repair itself.

Acne scars really don’t have to control your life. A lot of people have scarring that is able to be treated by natural methods. Quite simply, many cases don’t demand surgery or laser therapy. Select a method that is easy and stay with it for several weeks. If it doesn’t get the job done, try something else. Everyone reacts differently, so do not panic if the very first remedy doesn’t bring good results.

Benefits of Natural Acne Home Remedies

How To Remove Acne Scars naturally
Many individuals are looking for natural acne remedies. This particular skin condition can cause both men and women to feel embarrassed and self conscious about their appearance. This could possibly have a strong effect on self-esteem. It in many cases hinders social interactions. Not everyone can afford costly acne treatment options. In actuality, lots of products contain harsh ingredients that might further aggravate skin. Natural methods are much more economical, and many times wind up working a lot better than their commercial alternatives.

A honey mask is one of the most basic remedies available. It is actually great for men and women who have sensitive skin with a tendency to dry out. Any kind of honey could be used, although organic or raw honey will probably retain far more of the acne fighting properties. Spoon a bit of this honey out and apply it to the affected location. Leave the honey on for about ten minutes. Next, simply wash it away with warm water. This honey mask works in a couple of ways. It latches onto dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities. When the honey is rinsed off, these kinds of acne causing factors are removed with it. Honey is additionally an anti-bacterial substance. It will kill the bacteria that will result in breakouts. Honey is very gentle and won’t cause skin to become inflamed or dried out.
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Tea tree oil has been used for hundreds of years to help remedy a variety of health conditions. It is an anti-bacterial, and is one of the most effective natural acne remedies available. Due to it’s strength, dilute tea tree oil with some water before applying it. Make use of a cotton swab to saturate individual pimples with the oil. Allow it to soak in for approximately ten minutes, and then wash it off. Leaving it on for too long or using too high of a concentration may leave skin irritated.

One more option would be to use a home made scrub. Scrubs work by removing dirt and dead skin cells from pores. It additionally invigorates skin by increasing blood circulation. First, utilize about a cup of almond or olive oil. This can keep skin moisturized. Spoon in some brown sugar until it has a gritty consistency. Many people put in a drop of tea tree oil for some extra strength. Gently rub your scrub in circular motions around the affected area. Make sure to rinse it off completely.

There are strategies to prevent acne outbreaks as well. One of the best things that can be done is to always employ a fresh pillow case. Bacteria and dirt can be left on the case and irritates the skin when we sleep. Also, refrain from touching your face. Even resting your chin on your hands is enough to trigger a breakout for some people.

Natural acne remedies are usually gentle, highly beneficial, and inexpensive. It might take some trial and error to discover the best treatment for your particular skin type. Give each approach a few weeks to do the job before switching to the next one.

How to get rid of acne scars fast?

How to get rid of acne scars fast is a question that most acne patients are asking since they want to relieve their skin of scars. Acne is a condition of the skin where affected areas are covered with red rashes and pimples. The most common areas where acne often appears is on the face, back and chest or any areas that have high sebaceous content. Patients can suffer from mild to severe acne cases where scarring may appear. Patients suffering from acne are usually embarrassed when their acne breaks out. Fortunately, there are different ways for you to get rid of acne scars fast.
How to get rid of acne scars fast

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 Steps to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast

Acne often appears in areas of the skin that have high sebaceous content. This skin condition often occurs during the adolescence stage which usually diminish as they grow older. However, for some, acne may keep on recurring. If you want to get rid of acne scars fast, the first thing you need to know is what kind of acne you have. There are different types of acne that may appear on your skin and determining their nature can help you find the best treatment for it.If you are suffering from mild acne, here are some ways to get rid of pimple scarsin just a short period of time. The first thing that you need to do to reduce the symptoms of acne is to avoid using moisturizers that can block the pores of your skin. Sunblock and other facial products should be avoided in the meantime. Fortunately, your skin will be adding a new layer on it that can eliminate the blemishes on your skin over time.However, if you have deep acne scars on your skin caused by acne, seeking the expertise of a dermatologist is important. They will be the ones to prescribe what kind of treatment you need to use.

 Popular Methods to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast

There are several ways for you to bring back the natural beauty of your skin.
  • To remove acne spots, among the popular ways to do achieve this is to undergo dermabrasion or microdermabrasion. Both of these methods require exfoliation before removing any skin that has been damaged using abrasion. This technique means scrubbing any skin that has been damaged by acne to bring out healthy skin.
  • There are many over the counter acne lotions that contain glycolic acid-that are very effective at reducing the appearance of acne scarring. It will take at least six weeks to see any real improvement because acne scars lie deep under the skin. If there is no noticeable improvement after two months, a doctor can prescribe a stronger hydroquinone-based bleaching cream to be used in conjunction with a retinoid cream like Retin-A or Retinova. The retinoids will help inhibitmore acne breakouts and will exfoliate skin cells deep within the dermis, where the scars form.   
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  • Another method that you can is laser acne scar removal. This technique aims to soften the damaged skin by wounding it a little so that the light pulses coming from the laser resurfacing device can heal any damaged skin caused by acne.
  • If you are not really interested in removing the scars using the methods above, you can always stick to using acne scar home treatment. One way to help lighten the scarring on your skin is to apply lemon or any citrus juice to the affected areas on your skin. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.
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Should I Consider Birth Control To Reduce My Acne Naturally?

Oral contraceptives, or birth control, has been around for decades.  Over the last 20 years, it has become a popular option for young women looking to get their acne under control, not just to prevent pregnancy.  However, as with any hormonal treatments, there are both benefits and potential side effects.  It is important to take everything into consideration before making a decision.

Why Birth Control is Effective

Acne develops when sebum and dead skin cells both build up within a hair follicle, they then combine to clog the pore.  As they grow, the follicle wall will rupture which allows even more oil and skin cells to accumulate in the pore.  This is what causes additional inflammation and bacterial infection.
Birth control pills are effective because they will reduce the amount of sebum that is produced by the skin.  It is important to understand that birth control pills are only effective at controlling acne that is caused by excess sebum.  When there are other causes of acne affecting someone, birth control pills will not be enough.  They are usually most effective when coupled with other treatments.  It also may take several months before the birth control can limit sebum production, which means while the bodies hormones are adjusting, the acne may actually get worse before it gets better.

How to Remove Acne Scars naturally

Which Birth Control Pills Are Most Effective

There are currently three estrogen-progestin combination birth control pills that have been approved by the FDA to help treat acne.  Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep, and Yaz have all been tested and approved.  They are normally not going to be the first option that a dermatologist will recommend, because they will only help acne that is being created because of excess sebum.

Potential Side Effects
As with any medication or hormone altering prescription, there are always potential side effects that need to be taken into consideration.  Several of the more common side effects include: headaches, alteration in the menstrual flow, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, depression, diminished libido or sex drive, and increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and blood clots.

The chance of side effects becoming a problem is always an increased risk if:
  1. You are over 35 and are a smoker
  2. Have a history of heart disease
  3. Have a history of cancer of the breast, uterine, or liver
  4. Have a history of blood clots in the legs or lungs

Birth control can be a great way to control certain types of acne and acne outbreaks.  However, the choice to use birth control to control acne should be a decision that is made with the consultation of a professional.

Best Natural Treatment For Acne Scars - Do They Really Exist?

Suffering from acne is embarrassing and upsetting but to have your face messed up with lots of acne scars can be terribly distressing. It gets more annoying when you suddenly realize that you can't cover them all up with the help of make-up. You'll therefore find yourself searching for the best treatment for acne scars  naturally so your facial skin will cease to attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

Considering the large number of scars treatment options available on the market, you might end up confused trying to figure out the best treatment for acne scars naturally. While trying to choose a product or treatment, I strongly recommend you take time to study and understand the benefits you stand to gain from a product or treatment and most importantly the side effects or negative aftermath results. This precautionary step will prevent you from choosing a treatment that might make your acne scar worse.

Below are the most common scarring treatments:
  • Dermabrasion
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Punch Excision
  • Skin Grafting
  • Punch Elevation
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Retinoic Acid
  • Chemical Peels
Each of the treatment option mentioned above may prove to be effective but can turn out to be expensive. More so, these treatments are mostly surgical and could result into greater scarring if poorly executed. I urge you to consult a qualified dermatologist before choosing any of these treatments.
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Acne No More
Acne No More is a clinically proven & unique holistic system developed by Mike Walden since 2003. He is a medical researcher, certified nutritionist, health consultant and former acne sufferer.
Acne No More System is a 220 page clear skin success downloadable e-book, jam-packed cover to cover with all the secret clear skin methods, unique powerful techniques and the step-by step holistic method of treating acne and it scars. This program contains all the information you'll ever need to eliminate your acne scars permanently without creams and without using drugs and without any side effects.

Acne No More will not only help you clear out your acne scars but will also help prevent future acne breakouts.

Facts about Acne No More:
  • Developed by a former acne sufferer (He's been in your shoes and considering the content of the e-book it shows he's an authority in the subject).
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  • The simple method to increase the ability of your body to stop the root cause of acne and eventually liberate you from acne and it scars.
  • You will learn the shocking truth about conventional acne treatments and the medication trap and how you can finally free yourself and use the natural approach forever.
  • Why acne is a WARNING sign that something is wrong in your system and in some cases even a warning sign for much worse diseases and what you can learn from it and do about it.
  • The secret and most powerful way for eradicating the most harmful micro-organism that inhabits most acne sufferers, pollutes your blood and stresses your system as we speak.

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Money Back Guarantee:
One major criteria we consider very important when selecting any product is that the vendor of such product MUST have an Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee.
Acne No More offers a money back guarantee which implies that you can use the product free for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with the product, you get your money back.

Our Final Conclusion
We have conducted researches and also reviewed several books and product making various claims, but we find Acne No More to be very straightforward, informative and user friendly.
We have no doubt that users of Acne No More will be very satisfied with the content. Furthermore, you will get a 3 month follow up/counseling service if you need it.

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Simple Tips to Cure your Acne - naturally

Acne can be one of those frustrating and embarassing things that most teens will deal with at some point in there growing years and it often can be difficult to rid if the proper care and protection is not taken. Try some of these steps to fight off your acne scars naturally
1. Wash your face at least two times daily. Keeping your pores clean of any oil or dirt will allow your face to clear at a much faster rate.

2. Apply a honey mask at least once a week. Honey is full of antibacterial properties that can aid your body in fighting off your acne.

3. Eat lots of carrot or take vitamin A

4. Avoid wearing large amounts of make-up

5. Keep your sheets and pillow cases clean.

6. Drink Plenty of water daily. Your body has a natural filtration system and it needs plenty of water to detox the body.
Following any of the steps above can help you in decreasing or maybe even rid your body and face of acne all together.

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Can Vitamin E Really Help Fade Acne Scars naturally?

It is long been known that Vitamin E is great for many different problems including acne scars.  However, is this belief based on fact, or just a common myth that continues to be perpetuated?  There are still schools of thought on both sides of fence, and it is important to understand why there is not yet a consensus.  It time to take a look at whether or not Vitamin E can really help you to fade your acne scars naturally.

Vitamin E Can Help Fade Acne Scars naturally

Many dermatologists still recommend vitamin E to help reduce the scarring associated with acne.  Dr. Joel Studin states that topical  vitamin E is helpful because it reduces the strength of the three strands that produce collagen, which often hardens and creates the scars.  He claims that vitamin E makes the scar softer and more pliable, which will help scars fade away over time.  This collagen normally forms when the skin suffers an injury, such as a pimple.  The skin then produces scar tissue, from collagen, to protect the wound.
It has also been suggested that ingesting vitamin E is also effective at fading acne scars naturally , because it helps the body naturally repair itself.  This is because high levels of vitamin E help the body speed up the natural process of healing wounds.  It is normally recommended to consume 30 IU’s or international units per day, although the body can tolerate up to 1,500 IU’s of vitamin E at any given time.

Vitamin E Cannot Help Fade Acne Scars naturally

New research has found that using vitamin E as a topical cream may actually slow down the bodies natural healing process.  A study at the University of Miami found that 90% of all cases that used vitamin E showed no improvement after 12 weeks.  It also showed that almost 30% of the test participants were allergic to vitamin E when used topically.

Opponents of this study claim that there were several problems relating to how the test was conducted.  First, the test was only conducted on 15 participants, which may be too small of a sample size to generate results that can be generalized to an entire population.  It has also been argued that the length of the study, 12 weeks, is too short to determine the overall effectiveness of vitamin E as a topical cream.

While there has been no direct studies proving that ingesting vitamin E is ineffective.  However, it is important to note that vitamin E is a “team player”.  In order for it to be absorbed into your body, you must have a diet that has high levels of vitamin E, because it is fat-soluble.  It is also important to note that increased levels of vitamin E will not necessarily help acne scars because it could be being used by your body in other areas.

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While the research is not definitive for either side, there are two conclusions that can be drawn from their arguments.  The first, and most important, is that ingesting vitamin E can only help your body.  Even if it does not directly reduce your acne scars naturally , it can definitely aid your body and its natural healing processes.  The second conclusion is that vitamin E used topically, should be not be used alone, but rather in addition to other acne scar treatments.

Is the Future of Acne Scar Treatment Adult Stem Cell Injections?

Over the last few years, there have been more and more experiments where deep acne scars have been effectively treated with adult stem cells.  Unfortunately, this news has not spread as quickly as the industry would have hoped which has left many people confused about the procedure or completely unaware.  This has left many unanswered questions swarming in the heads of anyone who has serious acne scars and has yet to find an effective treatment.

Why Haven’t I Heard About This?

The primary reason that many people have not yet heard about this new stem cell treatment for acne scars is because the research has been primarily done in Japan, with only a few clinics in Western Europe starting to use it.  So far, it has not been considered an option in the United States.

How to Remove Acne Scars naturally

Remove Acne Scars naturally Now!

Where Do the Stem Cells Come From?

Unlike the extremely controversial fetal stem cells, the stem cells used in this procedure is adult stem cells.  They are often taken from fat cells surrounding the abdemon.  The fat is then placed in a centrifuge and the stem cells are separated out.

What Would This Treatment Entail?

Depending on the country and the clinics practices, the stem cells could come from the person undergoing the treatment or from adult stem cells that have already been collected and preserved.  The stem cells would then be mixed into a solution and injected under the scar tissue.  The entire process would be very similar to the common collagen injection treatments that are used to treat acne scars currently.
Why Will This Be More Effective Than Current Treatments?
The adult stem cell treatment looks to be more effective for several reasons.  The most important reason is that stem cells have the ability to promote healthy and new skin cell regrowth.  Current studies are showing that this method is creating more sustainable, long-term results than current methods.  This means that this procedure could be done once instead of every few months or years like many current options.

Potential Roadblocks?

There are two big obsticals that must be overcome before this treatment becomes more mainstream.  The first problem is that in some areas of the world, the US, there is a perception issue that must be overcome.  There seems to be a backlash against any studies or treatments that involve stem cells.  The second roadblock is current technology.  Currently, there are not enough identifying markers attached to stem cells, which makes getting them and cultivating them more difficult than it will be in the future.  While it is already being overcome, it will make the treatment more expensive than it could be.